Rock slide update 30th May 2019

Florian Boyd and I hiked southbound on the PCT this morning from Devil’s Slide Trail to the Zen Center Trail (roughly PCT Miles 179.5 to 171). This allowed us to take a look at the much-discussed rock fall partially blocking the PCT just north of Antsell Rock at about Mile 172.5. I recorded the following video there late morning today, also available here on YouTube.

As described in the video, the rock fall is fairly easily passable with care both around on the downslope side, and up-and-over. I did both and personally recommend the former, especially if coming southbound. If hiking solo, I would strongly recommend waiting for a partner (or several) to help with the transfer of packs.

As posted yesterday, the U.S. Forest Service has NOT closed the trail at this time (I have this in writing direct from them). Any signs you may see – apparently there is one at the Highway 74 crossing – to the contrary are unofficial and misleading. This situation may change next week after an official assessment in the next couple of days.

Note also that between Miles 171 and 177 there are at least 26 trees down across the trail. (These are being reported to PCTA/USFS today.) So some caution is required with these hazards also. Obviously the trail is not passable to horses for the foreseeable future.

Snow from the three storms in the previous two weeks has largely cleared below 9000′, with only a few limited patches through to Mile 180 (no microspikes required). There will be a more extensive update on trail conditions on the afternoon of Saturday 1st June.

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