The support of the following individuals and organisations for the concept of the San Jacinto Trail Report is very much appreciated. If you would like to be added to this list, please visit the Donate page.

Many thanks to Nomad Ventures, and especially Julie Jeszenka (Idyllwild manager) and Bruce Damon (owner), for publicity and practical support. This legendary hiking, climbing, & mountaineering store has been an Idyllwild institution since 1980. Please pay them a visit if you are in town. Thanks also to the Nomad lads (Tim, Thomas, Landon, & Xavier).

Thanks also to Mountain Footwear in Idyllwild, Tony Vernon (owner) and Phyllis Lancaster (manager). Suppliers of Keen hiking boots to the Trail Report, Mountain Footwear is located on the ground floor of the “The Fort” in the center of Idyllwild.

Special thanks to the following friends for a variety of assistance with information and outreach: Florian Boyd, Kyle Eubanks, Val Rock, Cathy Tarr, Christine Rheaume, and Lorraine Heyes.

Particular thanks for the thoughtful and generous contributions of the following donors in 2019:

  • Carmel and Con O’Sullivan
  • Cathy Tarr (on behalf of the David O’Sullivan search team)
  • Steven Morris and Martha Ludlum
  • Charles Phelan and Marcia Harlan
  • William Brown
  • Mike Hawker
  • Ron Brown
  • Kyle Eubanks
  • Justin Ibershoff
  • Trisa Robarge
  • Richard Martin
  • Nika Carter
  • Scout Troop 975 of San Diego
  • Lance Shaw
  • David Hoopes
  • Jeremy Odom
  • Jason Greenman
  • William Leach
  • and the many hikers who have made small cash donations via Nomad Ventures

Similarly, many thanks to the following donors for 2018: Carmel and Con O’Sullivan, Cathy Tarr (on behalf of the David O’Sullivan search team), Steven Morris and Martha Ludlum, Charles Phelan and Marcia Harlan, Andrea Lankford, Carol Newark, Mary “Badger” (PCT section hiker), Ron Brown, Tim Brown, Ed Harrison, Richard Martin, Brad Marston, Matthew Ritter, Chrissy King, Jeremy Odom, Sean Reed, Ross Craft, Adam Boukis, William Leach, David “Gunny” Grise, and the hundreds of anonymous hikers who made small cash donations via Nomad Ventures.

Pauline and Richard Dishman provide unique and invaluable logistical support to the San Jacinto Trail Report.