The San Jacinto Trail Report is a 100% volunteer project, described in detail on the About page. If you have found its content to be useful and you would like to contribute to its operating costs, please use the Make a Donation button below to donate by debit or credit card or via a PayPal account.

Alternatively, for those visiting or living in Idyllwild, small cash donations are accepted at Nomad Ventures on North Circle Drive. This legendary hiking, climbing, & mountaineering store has been an Idyllwild institution since 1980, and is a greatly appreciated supporter of the San Jacinto Trail Report.

Donations are used strictly for the costs of maintaining the website, and for the replacement of heavily used field equipment (e.g., microspikes and hiking boots). All funds raised are placed in a bank account specifically established, and used exclusively, for the San Jacinto Trail Report. Anyone wishing to view the accounts of the Trail Report is welcome to contact Jon.

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