Hiking several thousand miles a year to bring you the information in the Trail Report requires more mental energy than physical. Knowing that I have the support of those who read and benefit from the Report’s contents is a remarkably powerful driving force during so many long days in the mountains.

The San Jacinto Trail Report is a 100% volunteer project as described in detail on the About page. Please consider making a small donation to its operating costs if you have found its content to be useful to you in any way. Just a few dollars makes a difference: I would rather have one hundred $5 donations than five $100 donations, for the psychological reasons I describe above. [Although the remarkable generosity of those who have made large donations is appreciated beyond words.]

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Donations are used only for the costs of maintaining the website, and for the replacement of (very!) heavily used field equipment, primarily hiking boots and microspikes, plus occasionally some clothing and gear. All funds raised are placed in a bank account that was specifically established, and is used exclusively, for the San Jacinto Trail Report. Anyone wishing to view the accounts of the Trail Report is welcome to contact Jon.

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