Forest news 10th June 2019

This update is a compilation of very recent news relevant to hikers in the San Jacinto mountains. For the latest general trail situation see the report from 6th June. I have hiked San Jacinto Peak every day this month by many different routes, and will update the snow situation (such as it is) later this week.

The Pacific Crest Trail remains open at the rockslide near Antsell Rock (Mile 172.5). l spoke to U.S. Forest Service today and they have not made a determination to close the trail at this time. Hence the trail remains open until further notice. Passage around the rockslide requires exposed class 2 moves below it, or class 3 moves up and over it (if that sentence doesn’t make sense to you, probably best not to attempt to hike past the rockslide). Many hikers have kindly commented that the video report from late May (available here) was useful for deciding whether to try to pass the rockslide or not.

The Boulder Basin and Black Mountain Group campgrounds remain closed until at least late July. They have a revised tentative reopening date of 25th July. According to USFS, the continuing closure is due to insufficient staffing to repair the considerable damage to the access roads and campsites at these locations caused by the Valentine’s Day storm. Other camping areas along Black Mountain road are open. Black Mountain road itself is relatively easily passable with a high clearance vehicle.

Our superb local Pacific Crest Trail Section B Trail Crew cleared all of the downed trees from Spitler Peak Trail yesterday, Sunday 9th June. At least a dozen fallen trees, killed by the 2013 Mountain Fire, had made parts of the upper switchbacks of this trail something of an assault course this winter. Spitler Peak Trail is now clear and readily accessible to all.

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