Weather 3rd September 2018

Anne and I hiked to San Jacinto Peak from Humber Park early this morning. Water conditions are little changed from last week, as described here. Lovely cool, windy weather at the Peak led to another brief video.

This video doesn’t exist

Despite the autumnal feel in recent days, another warming trend is forecast for the next few days. Both overnight low and daytime high temperatures will steadily rise this week to above average for midsummer (not September!) at the weekend, before starting to cool slightly the following week.

In summary today, at San Jacinto Peak at 0810 on Monday 3rd September, the air temperature was 44°F (6.7°C), with a cool windchill temperature of 33°F (0.5°C), 74% relative humidity, and a strong 16 mph SE wind gusting to 21 mph.

Although thunderstorms are not currently forecast, hikers should always be prepared for rapidly changing conditions in the high country in summer. Thunderstorms with lightning can occur at or near the high peaks even when such storms are not forecast for lower elevations.

On a different note, I usually tidy up the summit hut just below San Jacinto Peak every week. We had brought up a couple of bags specifically for this purpose today, only to find things had got a bit out of hand in just the past few days.

Above are the 18 empty plastic bottles we gathered from the hut. In addition we brought down two small bags of non-recyclable trash.

While I suspect the readers of this Trail Report are not the sort of hikers leaving their garbage up there, maybe now would be a good time to remind everyone that the San Jacinto Peak summit hut is not a public trash can. Thanks.

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