Snow updates 20th November 2019

UPDATED @ 1430

During the course of the morning the snow level dropped to 5000′ elevation, and it is currently snowing steadily in Idyllwild (approaching 2″ depth at 5550′ elevation).

As I descended from San Jacinto Peak, snow depths were remarkably consistent at 1-1.5″ at all elevations, with very little setting on bushes. On the East Ridge of San Jacinto Peak some drifted areas were 2-3″ deep. The highest elevations were in and out of the cloud, with intermittent snowfall.

At Saddle Junction (8100′) at 1230, depth was only 0.5″, suggesting that rain had turned to snow only very recently.

UPDATED @ 0800

So far the storm system has been disappointing in the high country with well under one inch of snowfall at San Jacinto Peak. However it continues to snow very gently. Thunderstorms were visible over San Diego county overnight, which got much heavier rainfall than the San Jacinto mountains, including in the desert interior. By 0700 this morning rainfall in Idyllwild was 0.78″ at 5550′ elevation.

Carrying microspikes is currently recommended anywhere above about 6000′ elevation.

A short video report from San Jacinto Peak early this morning is available on YouTube.

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