Tahquitz trail update 14th May 2019

We hiked up South Ridge to Tahquitz Peak and across to Chinquapin Flat this morning. With a couple of recent warm days, the notoriously stubborn icy snow on the north side of Tahquitz Peak is now sufficiently melted for that trail to be safely passable without additional traction (such as microspikes). The hardest section of that trail is shown in a short video available on YouTube.

Otherwise trail conditions are not substantially different from the previous report of three days ago, linked here. The necessity for microspikes continues to diminish with continued rapid melting everywhere until Thursday, as I describe in the video.

WEATHER Cooler conditions arrive tomorrow, with the possibility of light snow (<2″) in the high country on Thursday 16th, and rain at lower elevations. Temperatures will be below (or well below) freezing on 16th and 17th. Below seasonal temperatures are forecast to continue well into next week, with several further chances for very light precipitation.

San Jacinto high country as seen from Tahquitz Peak today 14th May 2019 (above) and the same view six weeks earlier on 30th March 2019 (below).

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