South Ridge Trail 3 April 2018

Anabel and I hiked South Ridge Trail to Tahquitz Peak this morning, continuing through to the PCT at Chinquapin Flat to check trail conditions. For details of most Peak and PCT trails, see report for 29 March (with Fuller Ridge updated on 1 April). The trails to San Jacinto Peak will next be updated on 5 April.

South Ridge Trail to Tahquitz Peak is completely clear, the last remaining tiny patches of dirty ice are barely visible.

South Ridge Trail from Tahquitz Peak to Chinquapin Flat/PCT This notorious section of trail is melting rapidly, and is now passable without use of microspikes. There are still five short patches of icy snow drifts that require care to cross, however they have very clear steps dug into them, making footholds reliable. As a good gauge for the state of the “winter” up here in 2018, this section of trail – traditionally one of the last to become safe to traverse – cleared some seven weeks later in 2016, and about five weeks later in 2017.

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