Record snow storm 27th-29th November 2019

Please continue to check this page for periodic storm updates throughout today.

UPDATED @ 0720 Friday 29th

White Friday! In what is likely a record for Idyllwild in November, another 6.75″ of snow fell at 5550′ elevation overnight, for a storm total of 19.5 inches! In November! It has stopped snowing there (although electricity is out in large parts of town, just to make life more exciting).

At San Jacinto Peak, an additional 8-10″ of fresh powder fell overnight, for a storm total of close to 30 inches, and an average depth around the Peak of nearly three feet.

UPDATED @ 1730 Thursday 28th

It stopped snowing at all elevations at about 1630 this evening (although it has restarted at a very gentle rate in the last few minutes at San Jacinto Peak).

Fresh snowfall for today was about 14″ at San Jacinto Peak. In combination with yesterday’s 5-6″, and a patchy 4″ remaining from last week, there is an average of about 24″ around the Peak. I found some drifts of at least 30″ on the East Ridge just now.

In Idyllwild (at 5550′) a very impressive 11.75″ fell today, for a storm total of nearly 13″.

It is probably fair to estimate that everywhere in the San Jacinto mountains above about 5000′ elevation has between one and 2.5 feet of snow as of tonight.

UPDATED @ 1505 Thursday 28th

Idyllwild (at 5550′) has added 8″ of fresh snow today so far. About the same has fallen at San Jacinto Peak, for a current storm total of about 12-13″ there. Snowfall totals today have been remarkably similar across many elevations of the mountains, with 6-10″ also today at Long and Round valleys, and Wellman Divide.

UPDATED @ 1220 Thursday 28th

Snow started falling heavily at all mountain elevations at about 0830. In Idyllwild by noon, three inches had fallen this morning, for a storm total of four inches.

At San Jacinto Peak, an additional four inches had fallen this morning, for a storm total of about 9″, and a grand total of about 13″ depth.

Many thanks to Kyle Eubanks for reporting total snow depths as he descended from the Peak to the Tram: Wellman Divide 6-8″, Round Valley 8-10″, Long Valley 6″.

Fine granular snow continues to fall heavily at all elevations. If it continues to accumulate at roughly one inch per hour, we will reach some very impressive totals, especially for November.

UPDATED @ 0815 Thursday 28th

No fresh snow overnight at San Jacinto Peak nor in Idyllwild. An overnight low temperature of 29°F in Idyllwild (at 5550′), and a rather chillier 15°F at San Jacinto Peak. Windchil at the Peak at about 0700 was a brisk -6.9°F (-22°C).

A short video giving a feel for the conditions at San Jacinto Peak has just been uploaded to YouTube.

Forecasts continue to predict 2-3 feet of snow in the high country later today and a foot or more around 6000′ elevation.

UPDATED @ 1930 Wednesday 27th

It stopped snowing in Idyllwild at about 1700, and at San Jacinto Peak by 1830. Fresh snowfalls of one inch in Idyllwild and about five at the Peak. Overnight temperatures will plunge with clear skies. Heavy snow is forecast tomorrow, we’ll see!

UPDATED @ 1720 Wednesday 27th

Snowfall at San Jacinto Peak is up to 4″ of fresh powder, for a total of about 8″. Fairly fine flakes continue to fall steadily and are accumulating rapidly. The WSW wind has dropped a little, but still gusting close to 30 mph. Air temperature just now was 15.6°F, with a windchill of -6.7°F.

Snow accumulation in Idyllwild (at 5550′ elevation) was 1.0″ as of 1700.

UPDATED @ 1520 Wednesday 27th

Snowfall at San Jacinto Peak has been heavier since about 1330, with 1.0-1.5 inches of fresh snow so far today (on top of an average of 4″ remaining from last week).

Rainfall in Idyllwild (at 5550′ elevation) was exactly 0.25″ until just before 1500, at which time the precipitation switched to snow and started to accumulate.

UPDATED @ 1310 Wednesday 27th

Started snowing just before 1200 at San Jacinto Peak. Currently fine rounded grain snow which is struggling to accumulate, especially in a severe SW wind (gusting over 30 mph). Air temperature about 20°F with a windchill down to -2°F.

A steady light rainfall began in Idyllwild (at 5550′) at about 1230.

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