Trail update 24 April 2018

Overview Judging by our run to San Jacinto Peak this morning, all evidence of the snow of five days ago is long gone, as is almost all the little remaining snow from earlier in the year. Barring any new snow storms (still quite likely until late May), the emphasis of the trail report and my hikes will now be shifting to water resources.

Pacific Crest Trail is completely clear.

Water resources along the PCT (and elsewhere) are currently flowing adequately. The flow rates of many of the “perennial” springs are more reminiscent of mid summer, and water will likely become a major issue in the next month or so.

San Jacinto Peak (west side trails) All clear.

San Jacinto Peak (east side trails) Completely clear to the Peak. The only snow near the trail remaining from earlier in the winter are a few tiny dirty icy patches just below and around 10,000′. These pose no hazard.

At San Jacinto Peak itself there is no snow cover. The eastern slope between San Jacinto and Miller peaks still has about 15% cover of icy snow, mainly a few inches deep. The East Ridge Trail is now largely visible, especially the lower third, and the upper areas involve limited snow travel.

South Ridge Trail between Tahquitz Peak and the PCT at Chinquapin Flat was completely clear of ice and icy snow by Monday 16th April.

San Jacinto Peak this morning, 24 April 2018, with San Gorgonio in the background. Even at 700 feet higher, San Gorgonio is virtually devoid of snow already.
A similar view of San Gorgonio from San Jacinto Peak on the same date last year, 24 April 2017. The difference in snow cover between years is obvious on both peaks.

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