Campground closure update 15th July 2019

U. S. Forest Service informed me today that closures to the Boulder Basin and Black Mountain Group campgrounds (both accessed from Black Mountain Road), and Dark Canyon Road and Campground, will remain in place for the remainder of the season. That presumably means that they will be closed into 2020.

Note that the yellow post campsites along upper Black Mountain Road, and the Fuller Ridge campground, remain open.

Closure of Dark Canyon Road means that there is no vehicle access to Seven Pines trailhead (although the road is still hikeable, 3.5 miles from the gate to the trailhead).

San Jacinto Ranger District was apparently notified that the limited funds available in the current federal budget year for rehabilitation of these campgrounds and associated access roads have been redirected to fire fighting and suppression.

Other trail and water conditions were updated four days ago, linked here.

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